Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kamen Rider Build: Ep 7 + 8 "The Devil's Scientist" and "What The Memories Tell You" | Kamen Rider Korner

According to Tatsuya’s testimony, the allegations surrounding Katsuragi Takumi’s murder now turns towards Sento! He revealed that Taro Sato, Sento’s former self, was visiting Katsuragi’s room on the day of the murder. Ryuga, who is aware of the facts, is skeptical about the murder. The man who has hidden himself until now may be the real culprit. Ryuga, who interrogates Sento, ends up getting nothing of value from him. It is just then when both Itsurugi’s make a sudden proposal. “Maybe you should be investigating Katsuragi Takumi instead.” The search for discovering Katsuragi Takumi begins, and it leads them towards Hokuto…

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