Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Life in Movie Tag

My Life in Movie Tag

Here are the questions:

1) First Steps- The first film you remember seeing as a kid.

2) Teenage crush- Which actor/actress did you have a crush on.

3) Bad Choices- Good Outcome- A movie you watched and ended up enjoying, even though you wanted to hate it.

4) First Date- When you went on a first date what movie did you see.

5) Home Comforts- What movie reminds you of time with your family.

6) First Heartbreak- What movie really upset or hit you more than you thought.

7) Leaving home- What movie was the first you watched without your family.

8) Good Times- What movie do you watch most and why.

9) Learn a new language- What is your fav non english language movie.

10) Cant leave the sofa- What series on TV got you hooked.

11) Sick day- What movie do you watch if you dont feel well to cheer you up.

12) Looking to the future- What movies are you looking forward to seeing.

13) If only- What old movie do you want to see remade.

14) End of the road- What 3 films do you think you think will always enjoy watching.

I noticed I accidentally forgot to Answer question 2.
My teenage crush was Lindsey Lohan. :P

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