Friday, March 27, 2015

The Movie Tag!

Johnny Tellez tagged me a LONG time ago to this tag.... so here I am.

Here are the questions... I also realized I missed one... oops.

1.What is your favorite film of all time?
2.What is your favorite scene from that movie?
3.Favorite actors/actresses?
4.Favorite directors?
5.Guilty pleasures?
6.Favorite tearjerker?
7.Which character from a movie has scared you the most?
8.Which movie do you love but everyone else hates?
9.Which movie do you hate but everyone else loves?
10.Favorite movie duo?
11.Which actors/actresses do you have a crush on?
12.Favorite movie villain?
13.Which movie has surprised you the most?
14.Least favorite director?
15.Favorite book turned movie?
16.Which movie has had a significant impact on you/your life?
17.Favorite movie quote of all time?
18.Favorite movie score or soundtrack?
19.Best movie you've seen recently?

Who I'm tagging:





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