Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thoughts on Gotham

You know what no one asked for?
Another Batman origin. 

You wanna know what no one REALLY asked for?
A Batman origin WITHOUT Batman.

Seems very counter-productive.
But alas we got Gotham.
A Crime Drama that takes place in a Pre-Batman Gotham City. 

Gotham follows Commissioner Gordon... Detective Jim Gordon,
as he tries his best to clean up Gotham. 

Without spoiling it,

I like it so far. 
It isn't the best DC Comics show... 
but it's the best live-action Show about Gotham City before Batman on TV right now.
So it has that going for it.

One major gripe that I have is that the Pilot had WAY too many cameos.

A few cameos would've been great, but I felt they were putting in way too many out of fear that Batman fans would stop watching. 
They don't need to over-saturate the show with Cameos. 
Sprinkle the cameos in randomly, it'll work better that way.

But maybe they're scared they'll get cancelled after one season...
Like Fox does with a lot of great shows...
*cough* *cough* Firefly 

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