Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why Guardians of the Galaxy Might Be the Most Important Comic Book Movie

I got a chance to watch Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.
Quickie Review:
I liked it. 
But on to the main topic.

Why do I feel GotG is the most important comic book movie?

It's actually very simple.
Before GotG, the only comic book movies that were being made were starring some of the bigger names.
Let's take the top 3:
Spider-Man, Batman and Superman.

Spider-Man has 6 movies
Superman has 6 (going on 7)
Batman has 12 movies

Aren't there other heroes?

Why are the studios not making movies about anyone else?
They're scared that the more obscure titles won't do well.

GotG was a risk.
A risk that is paying off.

This will start a trend.
One that allows studios to take risks on their lesser known properties.

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