Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marvel Makes Some.... Changes.

Captain America is black?
Thor is a woman?

The internet has been FREAKING OUT these past several days.
All because Thor will become a woman...

and Captain American will be black
I don't see a problem with either.

The same people freaking are the same people who (probably) don't even follow the comic books.

These changes only affect the books.
So don't worry... Age of Ultron will feature a white Captain America and Thor will have all of his man parts.

As long as they make good stories with these changes, I don't care. and other people shouldn't care either.
Thor has been a frog for Oden's sake.

Being a woman isn't the worst thing that has happened to him.

Besides. These are 2 of Marvels biggest names.
They're not going to make any permanent changes.
I can almost guarantee that they will revert back around the time Disney-Marvel Releases Age of Ultron.

[SPOILER] When Peter Parker died Doc Oc took over as Spider-Man...
a Superior Spider-Man... only to have Peter Parker be resurrected with the release of the amazing Spider-Man 2.

Kids, everything will be okay.
Trust me.
or don't.
I don't work for Marvel.
I'm just some kid on the internet.

Also, Lets not forget that Iron Man is moving to San Francisco, and getting a SUPERIOR Suit.
But of coarse, no one is talking about that...

Then again, Iron Man gets a new suit every other issue...
So guys, what do you think of these changes?
Should Marvel make more changes?

Maybe they can Make Loki a Horse again.

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