Friday, May 30, 2014

Why I Left The Vlog Projects

That's right.
I left The Vlog Projects.
It might have been obvious that I left since there hasn't been a TVP video from me in a few weeks.
It wasn't an easy decision. Far from it. It was an extremely tough decision, but it's one I felt I had to make.
When I was contemplating the decision, I kept giving myself reasons to stay, but I just couldn't get myself to stay.

Every week I had less and less time to make videos.
Sure, I could give myself 10 minutes a week to simply record and upload, but I wanted to be able to properly think my videos through, edit them the way I'd like.
With the limited time I have, That's pretty much impossible.

I didn't feel it was fair to the other members that I couldn't live up to the expectation I set up for myself.
There were several videos towards the end of my time with TVP that I wasn't very proud of.
The quality of my videos declined in several areas. The decline continued with almost every video that followed, and I wasn't happy about it.

I was making videos simply for the sake of having a video up.
It was no longer a "Quality over Quantity" mentality for me.
I had agreed to upload a video every week, and I didn't want to break that agreement.

I'm proud of posting 31 videos through the span of 33 weeks, but all good things must come to an end.

I made some great friends during the project, and I couldn't be prouder of that fact.

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