Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nintendo 2DS?

That isn't a typo, Nintendo is releasing a 2D model of their 3D handheld.
There has been a backlash, but here's my opinion:

I feel this system is VERY ugly. The fact that it can't fold will probably be the down fall for the system. It definitely takes away from the portability. 

That might be a deal breaker for some... but for those who will only use their system at home, that won't make a difference. Being that it doesn't fold closed, traveling with it in your pocket will be next to impossible, but besides the look there is also another difference
a price difference...
This system is set to retail at $129.99 (The original 3DS retails at $169.99)
so the price conscious gamer would be interested in this console, it is being dubbed "The entry-level" Nintendo Handheld. It will serve as a good way for someone to play a 3DS game that they've been wanting to play (like Ocarina of Time) without having to shell out a larger amount of money.

But...Do I think this will sell well?
 it's going to be released on the same day as Pokemon X, and Pokemon Y so for the gamer who wants to play them, but isn't going to use their 3(or 2)DS to play anything other than the latest Pocket Monsters game this will appeal to them.

I see that they're trying to market this thing to young kids.
Being that the 3D function isn't recommended for someone younger than 9 years old, taking away that feature in favor of making a cheaper system seems like they're trying to appeal to parents.

The only downfall I see there, is that this thing looks huge! a kid won't be able to put this in their pocket.
besides kids aren't known to take the best care of their stuff so I see a lot of broken 2DS screens in the futures since they can't be closed shut to protect the screens. Making parents buy their kid a new one...

so Yes, Nintendo might make some money from it.

Here's the launch trailer:


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