Thursday, June 13, 2013

Super Smash Bros. Wishlist

So, Megaman was announced as a playable character in the latest Super Smash Bros. Game…
And I’m excited.
He’s been on my Smash Bros. wishlist for a while now, and I started thinking…
and before that Sonic was on my list. Both of which have already made a SB appearance…
Who else is on my list?

 This is one is more likely to happen in this installment to the series. Namco helped develop the game, so I’m sure they’d put their mascot in one of the best Nintendo Series of games. Besides, wouldn’t it be awesome to see the Yellow Dot-Muncher fighting against Nintendo’s poster boy? I’d pay to see that… twice. On the WiiU and 3DS

I remember playing Bomberman games as a kid and it was ALWAYS a good time. It’d be awesome to see what he can do. I also think He’d be a great addition to the Smash Bros. Roster.

Poor Crash. He didn’t make it to Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale… despite being the unofficial mascot for Sony during the Playstation 1 era. It seems like he’s really gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to Sony… Nintendo on the other hand… he’s had a few games on Nintendo hardware before… His latest game “Mind over Mutant” made it to the Nintendo Wii, which means it won’t be impossible to get him is Smash Bros… Think about it.

Sure, Spyro is kind of busy doing his whole “Skylanders” gig, but think about it. Newer gamers will recognize him from Skylanders, and veteran gamers will remember playing Spyro during their youth. Hit 2 demos at once. GENIUS Right? RIGHT?!

Yes, another Namco character. So what? The Klonoa games were BEAUTIFUL, and kind of hard. As a fighter he can probably hold his own against Nintendo’s best. Heck, he practically replaced Pac-Man as Namco’s mascot for a bit…

So aside from these "Newcomers" being on my list I would like to see Sonic the Hedgehog making a return to the franchise. There was nothing like seeing an old rivals brawling with and against each other. 
I'd like to see the Blue Blur fight against the Blue Bomber. Hopefully a few of the guys on my list make the cut.


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