Thursday, January 24, 2013

VidCon 2013

So it's been official since sometime last year that I was going to be at VidCon 2013.
I was one of the lucky bunch that was able to snag some super early bird passes. I also got the hotel room that I will be staying in already been reserved, I already got the time off from work approved. So it should be nothing short of awesome.

I already know who I'm going to be spending my time with, and I'm already prepping for that week of awesome on many different levels.
Now you might be thinking...
"But Jimmy, don't you live in California, more specifically the Los Angeles area? Why would you need a hotel?"
I don't blame you for asking that question but here's my answer: last year I didn't get a hotel room, and I missed out on a lot of stuff; panels that were early, concerts that were late... the drive there (thanks to traffic) was a hassle on its own, and I had to make sure I was up extra early, to get there at a decent time.
So to avoid that, I will be staying in a hotel with some friends.

I know it's still months away, but it doesn't hurt to plan things out.

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