Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm a Pokémon Trainer...

My name is Jimmy... and I'm a Pokémon Trainer...
and I'm not like Jalen who thought he was a Super Saiyan.
I'm the real deal, I even have a trainer card to prove it.

Okay So I'm NOT a Pokémon trainer, I just love the series. It's come a long way and I can easily say my childhood would've been WAY different if it wasn't for the franchise.

BUT I have been playing Pokémon ever since I was a kid... So why is it still appealing to me? (and other adults who still play)

Is it the Adventure one goes through to become a Pokémon Master?
Training your team, making it damn near unstoppable in the game, only to realize your friend has a much stronger team.
Collecting every Pokémon out there to complete your Pokédex?
For me, it's all of the above, plus the fact that I grew up with the series.
Whether I was collecting the cards, watching the Anime, or playing the Gameboy games I was always surrounded by the franchise.
My neighbors played, my classmates played. Every kid I knew had their favorite. They all spent their parents hard earned money on a card game they didn't know how to play, a game that forced them to read, and toys that you couldn't have enough.

I was one of those kids...
But I almost missed out...

There was a rumors buzzing around at my church saying that these adorable Japanese imports were somehow attached to the devil...
and the whole "Electric Soldier Porygon" situation didn't help either.
I don't know exactly how they connected, but my mom gathered all of my (at the time, almost nonexistent) collection of Pokémon merch, packed it in a box and was going to get rid of it...
Luckily one of my aunts who had enough common sense talked my mom out of it. Explaining to her that it was JUST a kids game. Nothing else.

Crisis Adverted.

But besides that, I have warm memories playing the game. Trading with my friends, and trying to "Catch them all"

and now even as an adult, I can still pick up any of my old cartridges and play away... lose my self in the game. Still feel like that 8 year old kid. Trying so hard to level up my Pokémon so I can beat the Elite 4, and to be the best... like no one ever was...


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