Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kid Jimmy

Growing up...
I was a very dorky kid. I did dorky things, I acted very dorky, and I did whatever it took to annoy my older sister. I did it all in a way to make myself look as innocent as possible. I wasn't a troublemaker but I did like to have fun. Sometimes having fun got me in trouble because the way I had fun wasn't always safe.

Here's a story of one of those times.

It was a spring day, and I was living in an apartment building 7 blocks from the beach, and about 10 blocks from the downtown area. The building I lived in was gated. The only people who were able to come in to the building were people who lived there or their guests. It was almost impossible to see what was going on in the courtyard from the front of the building so all of the adults felt comfortable letting their kids play in the courtyard. It was one of those days where all of the kids in the building were on break from school, and they were all playing outside. Our building was very strict. 
Here were the rules:
1) No Ball playing
2) No Scooters
3) No Bikes
4) No Skates
5) No Skateboards
and as long as those rules were followed the managers of the building (who also happened to be my parents) let us play. Simple rules, but the games that we normally played got stale after a while. One of the neighbor kids suggested we played hide and seek, we all agreed though it seemed like it could be boring. All of my usual good hiding places were known by some of the older kids and they liked to hide there if they could, that's when I remembered that my dad was working on the roof earlier that morning. 

like I mentioned earlier, my parents managed the building that I lived in. My dad did all of the handy work, while my mom kept it clean, and on the second floor of the building there was a locked door, behind that door was a staircase that led to the roof. I knew where my dad kept his keys, I had found the perfect hiding spot. None of the kids knew how to get there, none of the kids had the key, and I can watch them from the roof as they looked for me. It seemed like the perfect plan.

I ran inside with the excuse that I needed to use the bathroom, I got my dad's keys and rejoined the game. It was perfect. The kid who was "it" began counting to 100, all of the kids spread out, I ran to the second floor, when I got to the door, it seemed like mission impossible, that whole time I ran the risk of one of the other kids seeing me unlocking the door, or worst... risking one of the adults who lived in one of the apartments by the door seeing, or hearing me go on the roof. I got the door unlocked, I closed the door behind me very gently, and proceeded to make my way to the roof. I was there. I felt like I was on top of the world. I can see all of the roofs from the surrounding buildings. I was a short kid, but on that roof. I was tall.
So I sat down, I with my back leaning up against the door watching the sky...
about 15 minutes later I hear my name, several times. I was pretty sure I won that round of Hide and Seek but I wanted to have them keep looking. 5 minutes later I hear my mom calling my name... it was the worst feeling ever. Knowing that she'll ask where I was hiding... I won't be able to lie...right? So I began thinking of an elaborate lie, one that she'll believe, one that I won't get in trouble for... I sat there thinking. trying to make it so no one can see me...

5 minutes later I hear footsteps, someone was walking up the stairs behind me... the doorknob begins to wiggle, the more it wiggles the faster my heart beats... as the door opens, I stand up in anticipation. Once the door is fully open I see my mom, her face is red...I hear my full name, she grabs me, hugs me, then realizes I should be in trouble and pulls me by the ear and we go back into the apartment. 

It's needless to say that I got in trouble, I was grounded for the rest of my break from school. My parents changed their hiding spots for their keys (which I found a week after)

I still won that game of Hide and Seek though. :) 

P.S. as a kid I had HUGE glasses. (See illustration)

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