Thursday, December 27, 2012

Batman VS. Superman

Art by GabeRose on DeviantART
When my brother was a kid maybe around 4 or 5 he had a batman costume that he wore almost all of the time,
If you've seen that movie daddy day care, you'll know what I'm talking about when I tell you that it's kinda like the kid who wore the Flash outfit. Yeah, it was a lot like that but the costume was a Batman one.
he wore it so often that I'm sure he thought he was Bruce Wayne himself.
We had all of the Batman movies that were out at the time and he watched the cartoon whenever it was on. He had a bunch of action figures, It's safe to say he was a fan.

Not only that but my brother was a very mischievous little boy, he would mess with any other kid around his age, and he felt untouchable, especially when he wore that damned Batman costume.
Well one day my neighbors had a birthday party. and today was one of those days when my brother felt the need to become the Dark Knight, he was running around messing with the other kids when my neighbor's nephew shows up, this kid had to be at least a year older than my brother and he was at least a  few inches taller, well I guess this kid thought the same as my brother because he was wearing a Superman costume, ...and sure enough my brother decided to mess with him, My brother was (and to a certain extent still is) like a chihuahua, he didn't care about size because in his mind he was 6 Feet tall. and then he got his butt kicked. The kid just punched my brother in the face and knocked him down. Poor little Bruce was out cold.  It was pretty funny to see a pint sized Superman beating up a pint sized Batman. We can laugh about it now (Well, my brother still refuses to believe it happened),
I guessed that day my brother learned that he should have bought some Kriptonite.

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