Monday, May 21, 2012

AVENGERS fan art! - time lapse painting

Often I get caught up in so many things that I forget to stop and enjoy the awesome stuff in life. This morning as I prepared for my 9-6 job I saw that in my subscription box on YouTube there was a video by MaryDoodles. Mary Doodles is an artist (and an amazing one at that) and most people know her for the work that she does with NicePeter and the Epic Rap Battles of History crew. Now back to the video by Mary Doodles, the video was titled "AVENGERS fan art! - time lapse painting " now normally I'd kinda skip over it in favor of the Monday show (also by NicePeter) or Good Mythical Morning (by Rhett and Link) so I can listen to the Audio as I prepared for work, but being the nerd that I am the "AVENGERS" in the title caught my attention and I felt I HAD to watch this. and believe me... I did not regret it. This is one of those videos that starts out EPIC and ends by making you feel good inside. I can honestly say that regardless of any of the B.S. I may have had to go through today at work this video made my day. I can say because of this video I had a good day. Well here it is, watch for yourself: Check more of her AMAZING art on her website.

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