Saturday, February 18, 2012

Green Lantern sequel… trilogy?

So for anyone who saw the Green Lantern movie, you know that by the way it ended it definitely left room for a sequel.

From what I know there is a high possibility for a trilogy (which was the original plan).

It is even reported that Warner Bros. even planned on abandoning all plans for a sequel due to it’s poor box office performance but at the 2011 New York Comic-Con Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer at Warner Bros. DC Entertainment) stated that "There is the hope" that a Green Lantern sequel will still be produced and that, "It will be live-action again -- I guarantee.”

So there are plans to make this happen.

All I want is a good Green Lantern Movie.

The last one that was made wasn’t bad but I felt it didn’t do Justice to the intergalactic space cop we all know and love.

Let’s hope that the next Green Lantern movie is better than the first.

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