Thursday, September 29, 2011

Freddie W. and Brandon L.

So a few nights ago the very awesome and very talented Freddie Wong announced that he and his equally Awesome and equally talented partner Brandon were going to be waiters for the day at a restaurant near Los Angeles.
Being FreddieW fans the crew and I decided it’d be cool to go, grab a bite to eat and maybe even get to hang out with the guys.
Seeing that it was short notice, and it was on a Tuesday night; we thought there would be a lot less people, but it was pretty packed. We were fortunate enough to go inside early. There was still a line when we left the restaurant over an hour later.

But I fell that both Brandon and Freddie did awesome jobs, taking orders, serving drinks, and delivering meals all while being followed by cameras and having an eatery full of people cheering for you, and trying to get your attention for pictures, autographs, hugs, and even some conversation.

I kept my cool during most of the havoc, only asking for pictures when Freddie and Brandon were close, I got several high fives while I was there and it was an awesome experience.

The food took a little longer than it normally would at any other given time, but given the situation we let it slide. The food was actually pretty good and the regular staff did an awesome job ensuring that everything went as smoothly as it possibly could.

So with that being said I leave you with some pictures that I managed to take with Freddie and Brandon, 

Freddie and I
Brandon and I
 for some reason it looks like I'm giving Brandon the 'WTF are you doing" face, I'm not in reality Grrsom took the picture late and I thought the pic was taken when it wasn't I was actually turning around to thank him.

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