Monday, September 12, 2011

A Blue October in September…

Over the weekend (Sunday September 11, 2011) I got the opportunity to go see the Band Blue October with one of my best friends Erik at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California.
It was an awesome experience; everyone who performed was awesome.
The Openings were awesome.
Ashleigh Stone had such an awesome voice and was very “Lovely”, and the band IAmDynamite was very entertaining; the two-man team definitely did a good job hyping the crowd up for the main event.

Now lets mover on to the main event and the reason everyone was there…
Blue October.
Now I’m going to be honest here this was my first time really listening to Blue October, I mean I had known about them, but I never really gotten the chance to sit down and listen to their music, and I was amazed by the showman ship of the entire band.

Justin Furstenfeld - the band’s front-man did a great job, his awesome voice kept the crowd entertained and having a great time.

Ryan Delahoussaye - otherwise known as “the violin guy” by a fan who was standing behind me was my favorite of the band, he was moving around having a great time, my favorite part was when he played the star spangled banner on the electric violin.

Julian Mandrake – The band’s guitarist, very quiet but his present was definitely felt, he was an awesome guitarist and he kinda reminded me of my Buddy Grrsom.

Matt Noveskey – The Bass player, he did a great job, he was in the background but he kept the rhythm, one of the best bass players I’ve seen in a while.

Jeremy Furstenfeld – last but not least we got the drummer, he…was…awesome, he kept the show going and did an awesome job, he was in the back but you knew he was there.

Overall I had a very enjoyable experience (apart from all of that standing).
And since it was in Downtown Disney the experience felt a little bit magical,

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