Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Know What Really Grinds my Gears?...

Family Guy References.

Yeah as I Typed the Title I couldn't help at laugh because I've been told I look like Peter Griffin
Yeah I don't see it Either

But that's not what this post is about,
My post is to Tell you what Grinds my Gears, or... gets on my nerves. Take it how you want to.

Here they are:

  •  -People who take to forever to cross the street, It's okay if the light is still green and you're walking at a regular pace but if the light turns red and you're still taking your sweet time now we've got a Problem. (Disclaimer: If you're handicapped I don't have an issue with the way you walk.) 
  •  -Jay walkers, and not all of them, just the ones that jay walk and almost cause traffic accidents, we've all seen them you're driving and out of nowhere some random person pops out and you almost hit them. We don't want them denting our cars. 
  •  -People with bad attitudes, yeah I dislike them too, especially ones who work with people (Ex. customer service) if you have a bad attitude and work with around people you might need to think about a new career. 
  •  -Little kids who think they're bad-ass, yeah we've all seen them, they like to run around cussing, talking back to their parents, making fools out of themselves trying to impress the "older kids" here's a Message to all you little kids "Just Because you play Grand Theft Auto, that doesn't make you a bad-ass" 

and that's it for Now, I will be posting blogs like this occasionally, Let me Know what you Think, and Thanks for Reading!

  • -Jimmy

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