Friday, April 23, 2010

The Wii-Fund

Get it like Refund??

Well I thought it was funny...jerk who didn't laugh...

Well the Wii-Fund is Just a Super-Mario "Piggy" Bank which I will use to put my spare change in. It's also one that my brother puts most of his allowance in... (If he has $5 he'll put in $3, he has 10? he'll put in 6.)
so I was thinking...Buy the Wii with my next Pay check and use the money in the Wii-Fund for games,
What do you all think?

Now the Wii has caught my attention more recently because it's the only console (so far) to have a web browser, which pretty much means I'll be able to surf the web while sitting on my couch. Now that's not the only reason, the Wii also has a collection of extremely fun games (but some really terrible ones.)
Also it's a lot smaller than the PS3 and the 360.
so...should I buy the Wii with my own money...or...should I just have the Wii-Fund cover the costs?

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