Monday, April 19, 2010

Ghetto People...

Now Don't get mad at me when I say "Ghetto" when I say ghetto it can be anybody that has that personality trait. You could be Black, Mexican, White or Asian. Race isn't a factor.

I live in Long Beach so I've encountered all sorts of ghetto people. for Example there's the ghetto group,they can be either male of female, they are both usually loud and obnoxious, they usually travel in large groups to places that only one of them needs to be at. The only difference between them is that the female group might be carrying kids with them.
 Now here's a little tip to the ghetto female group: Please, instead of taking your baybay's kids and all of your homegirls to the t-mobile store to pay your phone bill, leave your kids at home and have one of your friends babysit. If you feel the need that you must take a friend, take one. And as a reminder please use your indoor voice.

Now here's a Tip for all ghetto people, Don't think you're above the kid working at the Register at McDonald's. Even if you feel he might have a crappy job, at least he has a job. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've seen a ghetto person verbally abuse the person at the register. So here's a little advice "Don't mess with the people that handle your food" Yeah because if you do they might give you some of their special Sauce, I'm not gonna say what it is. I'll let your Imagination figure it out. Yeah, be nice to them. Tip them if you can, why? Because if you ever plan on going back, you don't want the rep as that "ghetto chick" you might want to be known in a more positive way, they might give large fries when you ordered small, help them out and they might hook you up.


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