Monday, April 12, 2010

Def Jam: Icon | Review

Well Not too Long ago I Decided to buy a Horrible Excuse for a Fighting game, and By reading the Title you'll Know it's Def Jam: Icon

Now Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the game because of the Fact that It's a Hip-Hop Game. In fact, I loved Def Jam fight for New York. I dislike it for the Following Reason: Horrible Controls, I Played Def Jam: Fight for New York in the Past and it was a Great game with controls that are easy to get used to, but in Icon they've changed the controls around and they're hard to get used to, someone who's a fan of the previous game will have a hard time adjusting (as did I)
to make things worse they don't even have a tutorial mode like in Fight for New York.
They basically took a good thing and changed it...for the worst. Not only that but they removed being able to do finishers...and if you're not careful something other than your opponent will hit you...even the speakers at a club can hurt you.
Now this game does have a few positive notes...I guess the Music is alright, it was all getting heavy radio play when the game first hit the shelves, also the roster has a decent amount of popular artists some in which make a return from previous games, and that's about it for anything positive. The graphics are alright, they're nothing special. And the story mode is terrible.
I really think that EA should of spent  a lot more of their time and effort in making the game rather than hyping it up like they did.

Controls: 2
Music: 10
Story: 4

Overall Score: 5/10

Don't Waste your money on this game. if you feel the need to play it, Rent it. You won't get much play value out of it though.


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