Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad Parents

Okay I know I've touched on this subject before but I saw it again today.

Bad Parents:

We've all Seen them. They neglect their kids. They don't discipline them. They need to become good parents so their kids could grow up to be decent human beings, or at least grow up.

I'll Give you a Few Examples of bad parents. These are all 100% true.

There was a Mother somewhere between here late teens early 20's I'd say about 20, she was crossing the street with her headphones on listening to Music while talking on the Phone, with one hand on the stroller and the other holding her phone. Her son who looked like he was about 2 or 3 was pushing the stroller which (I'm assuming) contained his younger sibling.
Now I'm not against multitasking but C'mon!

Next One Happened this Morning.
A mother who looked like she was in her mid 30's early 40's was walking with her kid I'd say he was 4 or 5 while talking on the Phone, doesn't seem as bad as the first one but the kid was running around, not too bad but the kid ran across the street with the mother walking behind him, still on that conversation acting like nothing was happening, her kid almost got hit by a car and still no reaction, I'm the one who reacted to the situation. I'm usually not one to get into other people's business but I pulled the kid aside (after I'm sure he wet himself) calmed him down, and I told her this (I'm Translating it from Spanish to English)
Me: What the hell are you thinking? You let your kid run around, He almost got hit by a car, and for what? to gossip with you friend? 
Lady: That's none of your business 
Me: I made it my business, your kid could've been killed, and I would've been the witness.
So Please, take care of your kids, for their well-being!


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Wii-Fund

Get it like Refund??

Well I thought it was funny...jerk who didn't laugh...

Well the Wii-Fund is Just a Super-Mario "Piggy" Bank which I will use to put my spare change in. It's also one that my brother puts most of his allowance in... (If he has $5 he'll put in $3, he has 10? he'll put in 6.)
so I was thinking...Buy the Wii with my next Pay check and use the money in the Wii-Fund for games,
What do you all think?

Now the Wii has caught my attention more recently because it's the only console (so far) to have a web browser, which pretty much means I'll be able to surf the web while sitting on my couch. Now that's not the only reason, the Wii also has a collection of extremely fun games (but some really terrible ones.)
Also it's a lot smaller than the PS3 and the 360.
so...should I buy the Wii with my own money...or...should I just have the Wii-Fund cover the costs?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Know What Really Grinds my Gears?...

Family Guy References.

Yeah as I Typed the Title I couldn't help at laugh because I've been told I look like Peter Griffin
Yeah I don't see it Either

But that's not what this post is about,
My post is to Tell you what Grinds my Gears, or... gets on my nerves. Take it how you want to.

Here they are:

  •  -People who take to forever to cross the street, It's okay if the light is still green and you're walking at a regular pace but if the light turns red and you're still taking your sweet time now we've got a Problem. (Disclaimer: If you're handicapped I don't have an issue with the way you walk.) 
  •  -Jay walkers, and not all of them, just the ones that jay walk and almost cause traffic accidents, we've all seen them you're driving and out of nowhere some random person pops out and you almost hit them. We don't want them denting our cars. 
  •  -People with bad attitudes, yeah I dislike them too, especially ones who work with people (Ex. customer service) if you have a bad attitude and work with around people you might need to think about a new career. 
  •  -Little kids who think they're bad-ass, yeah we've all seen them, they like to run around cussing, talking back to their parents, making fools out of themselves trying to impress the "older kids" here's a Message to all you little kids "Just Because you play Grand Theft Auto, that doesn't make you a bad-ass" 

and that's it for Now, I will be posting blogs like this occasionally, Let me Know what you Think, and Thanks for Reading!

  • -Jimmy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cholos Bailando Cumbia Parody

I dance VERY badly. It's one of the many things I can't do well. I really don't remember exactly why I agreed to dance on camera knowing I'm as bad as I am..,
well enjoy my terrible dancing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ghetto People...

Now Don't get mad at me when I say "Ghetto" when I say ghetto it can be anybody that has that personality trait. You could be Black, Mexican, White or Asian. Race isn't a factor.

I live in Long Beach so I've encountered all sorts of ghetto people. for Example there's the ghetto group,they can be either male of female, they are both usually loud and obnoxious, they usually travel in large groups to places that only one of them needs to be at. The only difference between them is that the female group might be carrying kids with them.
 Now here's a little tip to the ghetto female group: Please, instead of taking your baybay's kids and all of your homegirls to the t-mobile store to pay your phone bill, leave your kids at home and have one of your friends babysit. If you feel the need that you must take a friend, take one. And as a reminder please use your indoor voice.

Now here's a Tip for all ghetto people, Don't think you're above the kid working at the Register at McDonald's. Even if you feel he might have a crappy job, at least he has a job. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've seen a ghetto person verbally abuse the person at the register. So here's a little advice "Don't mess with the people that handle your food" Yeah because if you do they might give you some of their special Sauce, I'm not gonna say what it is. I'll let your Imagination figure it out. Yeah, be nice to them. Tip them if you can, why? Because if you ever plan on going back, you don't want the rep as that "ghetto chick" you might want to be known in a more positive way, they might give large fries when you ordered small, help them out and they might hook you up.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Def Jam: Icon | Review

Well Not too Long ago I Decided to buy a Horrible Excuse for a Fighting game, and By reading the Title you'll Know it's Def Jam: Icon

Now Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the game because of the Fact that It's a Hip-Hop Game. In fact, I loved Def Jam fight for New York. I dislike it for the Following Reason: Horrible Controls, I Played Def Jam: Fight for New York in the Past and it was a Great game with controls that are easy to get used to, but in Icon they've changed the controls around and they're hard to get used to, someone who's a fan of the previous game will have a hard time adjusting (as did I)
to make things worse they don't even have a tutorial mode like in Fight for New York.
They basically took a good thing and changed it...for the worst. Not only that but they removed being able to do finishers...and if you're not careful something other than your opponent will hit you...even the speakers at a club can hurt you.
Now this game does have a few positive notes...I guess the Music is alright, it was all getting heavy radio play when the game first hit the shelves, also the roster has a decent amount of popular artists some in which make a return from previous games, and that's about it for anything positive. The graphics are alright, they're nothing special. And the story mode is terrible.
I really think that EA should of spent  a lot more of their time and effort in making the game rather than hyping it up like they did.

Controls: 2
Music: 10
Story: 4

Overall Score: 5/10

Don't Waste your money on this game. if you feel the need to play it, Rent it. You won't get much play value out of it though.