Monday, March 29, 2010

Why WrestleMania is so Important to me...

It all Started in March of 2007, one of my friends from High School asks me "Are you going to have a Wrestlemania party?" which sparked something, I had never heard of a "Wrestlemania Party" They were always Superbowl Parties.I wanted to have a Wrestlemania Party...So naturally I Invited him, and a few other friends to help cover the cost of the PPV, the Snacks, and food, (Charging about $10 or $15 a head) within the people where my brother, Tony, his brother Alex, Ron, and about 4 of my neighbors.
That Pretty Much covered the Cost, Then April 1st, 2007 we all got together at my place, to watch Wrestlemania 23!

The Following year for WrestleMania 24.Things where a little Different...Instead of having it at my place, we had it at Tony's. and this time there were only 4 of us, (Tony, Ron, Alex and myself) so it was pretty chill, but fun nonetheless.

Then WrestleMania 25! Wrestlemania's 25 Anniversary! This year it was back to my place! This time it was Tony, Ron, my Little brother and Myself. this time instead of watching it in my living room, we watched it in my bedroom, The PPV itself wasn't really all that Exciting but we watched it and had a decent amount of fun.
Finally WrestleMania 26, This time it was at my place again, and in my bedroom once more, but this time I got rid of my 36 inch tv and Got a 57 inch Plasma!, but even though it was a sight to behold, we where missing someone...Ron had to it was only Tony, my brother, my cousin and sucks that someone who was there from the beginning couldn't make it. But hey the show must go on!
and it was fun even without Ron, (but it wasn't the same.)

-Now we wait for Next Year WrestleMania 27!


Why I hate Mondays...

Why I hate Mondays... Every week I'm Starting to Feel more like Garfield, you Know that cat from the Comic strip that later ended up a cartoon series and eventually two (really bad) movies? Well Yeah, Him... I feel like him as of late because I love lasagna...and Because I hate Mondays!
Let's see...why do I hate Mondays? Well because last Monday I slipped and feel Messing my arm up, (my arm is a lot better now.) but I was in complete pain last Monday and the next few days after,
and Now today...The Morning had just started i was walking into work, (well more like still in the Parking Lot) when I took my iPod out of my Pocket I lost grip and it fell Screen first on the concrete cracking the screen. yeah it sucks...Now for the iPod itself still turns on, and the screen (even the cracked area) still responds when touched) it just looks horrible and I won't be able to use half of my apps or watch Movies or Videos anymore.
What sucks the most about this is that I bought the iPod from a Friend, rather then the retail store itself so no insurance, no warranty... I called him to see if he had ever gotten the warranty or insurance but its long expired.
so what my best option is to go to the Apple store and try to get it repaired, I might pay a fee but it's cheaper than having to pay over $300 for a new one.

Here's The Damage

Well It's still really early in the day, so let's hope it can only get better!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010